Diana was born November 7, 1951 and was raised by her adoptive family. Her family consisted of her loving mother, Lela Roberts Bateman and father, Grant Bateman, as well as 4 older brothers, Willie, Jerry, David & Wiley and 4 older sisters, Ruby, Lola, Betty Jo, and Betty Jean. Diana grew up a sweet little country girl in the State of Virgina.  Her brothers and sisters ages ranged from 14 years her senior and upwards so she was kind of like everyone's little baby girl. 
She always spoke of how much she loved them all so much and how fortunate she was to have such a loving family take her in. I know they helped to form the foundation which produced that warm, beautiful and loving personality.

Later in life, she gave birth to 3 beautiful children; First son, Jonah in 1971, followed by Noah in 72' and then her one daughter, Celeste in 74'.  Celeste gave Diana a beautiful grandson, Reilly (who Diana was so proud to have named) in 2006.  Whenever I am with any of her children, I always see or hear a part of her within them and I know that her essence continues to live on in their body, mind and spirit and I trust she will be watching over all of them. The ripple effect that she created in the countless lives of others with travel far and wide throughout eternity.

I could write a book about Diana's life but that is not what I am here to do.  I know that she is loved and will be missed by too many to count!


I want to give special thanks to Diana's brother Wiley for saving so many of our old  cassette recordings, which we didn't have.  That  allowed me to transfer to digital (although a bit noisy), and create the youtube videos.  If it had not been for him, we would not have half of those songs.  David