For those of you that didn't know Diana as a musician or for those that didn't fully know her history, let me say, Diana was never one to toot her own horn. She was a very humble person, loving, kind, talented and funny.  We kept each other laughing throughout the day for 34 years.  But, those are only a few of the things I will miss!

The following is a brief history of events.  We met in 1978 at a club in Washington, D.C. (Columbia Station) where a relatively well known blues musician, Catfish Hodge was looking for a new band to go out on the road and our phone numbers were given to him by different people at different times.  That was November 17, 1978. Diana was 27 and I was 28. 

We both were hired on, me as lead guitar player and Diana as a back-up vocalist although she was capable of so much more. The band went on the road for a year, opening for acts like Bonnie Raitt, Lowell George of Little Feat, Edgar Winter, John Mayall and many blues legends, such as Professor Longhair, James Cotton, John Lee Hooker and Dixie Dregs.

During that year we also recorded an album with Catfish, "Eyewitness Blues" produced by Bonnie Raitt's bass player, Freebo. We quit working for him in November of 79' and started our own band, "Thanks",  where Diana could sing lead vocals and we began writing many songs together, performing  at D.C. clubs before moving to New York City the month after John Lennon was killed. 

In January of 1981 we did a record at Electric Lady Studios (Jimi Hendrix) in Greenwich Village and a video which you can see (in "youtube", song "Tomorrow Night") which was Pre-MTV days so we easily got a lot of air-play between movies on both HBO and CINEMAX... If you were watching back then, you probably saw it. We were called Lafayette because we lived in Chinatown on Lafayette street. 

After 10 years in New York, Diana thought of moving to Key West.  She was 39  I was 40 and we were ready for a new life.  She had more guts than I did but I never let her down. If she wanted it, I did my best to make it happen and somehow, more often then not, it happened. 

We finally arrived in Key West on December 2, 1991 and by the following summer, June 28, of 92 (her son Jonah's 21st birthday by coincidence) we did our first show as "Blue Byou" in Key West.  We thought we'd died and gone to heaven. 

Fast forwarding, we ultimately did over 4500 shows as "Blue Byou" in just under 20 years, all up and down the Florida Keys and later on the West Coast of Florida, and finally continuing here in Las Vegas, up until Diana became sick. 

I swear, I don't recall one time out of ALL those performances where someone, usually more than one person, would come up and say, "where does she get all that energy" or "I'd like to bottle that energy" or "what is she on". 

Looking back, we probably could have made a fortune if I had thought to become a vitamin representative on the side..Then I could have said "it's because of these pills". We could have sold them at every gig. 

Well, in the universe, as you know, some stars shine brighter than others and then burn out sooner.  I think that's what Diana did.  She generated 10 times the energy as the average person and it finally caught up with her.  That's my theory anyway. 

4500 shows probably reached a million people  or more that were all close up and absorbing some of that beautiful energy little by little. Don't get me wrong, she lived for pleasing others and loved to make people happy.  The more folks responded, the more energy she gave in return .  I honestly don't know how she did it.  I got tired just watching her. 

During our time together we were fortunate to travel to many exotic places throughout the world, from Acapulco to Rio and Cairo to Tokyo, to name a few. I am honored and blessed to have shared so much with her.  David