On Our Judgment Day

Blue Byou


Other than "Wedding Day" this was Diana's favorite song that I have ever written, done in 06'...She came up with the idea for the back-up lines.  She was always enthusiastic and full of great ideas.


No more heroes will remain unsung   
And there's a freedom bell that will be rung
It's all just gonna' melt away
On our judgment day

No more fighting just to see who wins   (The day will come when we'll all live in peace)
Or pointing at each others sins   (I see in you, the same I see in me)
No, we'll look at things a different way
On our judgment day

This isn't my home, I,m just passing through
But I'm happy while I'm here cause I'm with you

No more causing one another pain  (Bring me your hurt and let's make it better)
Or praying all won't  end in vain   (For every season there's always a reason)
Cause the cards will fall another way
On our judgment day

A new direction will unfold   (Don't need a map to show me where to go)
There's a higher power to behold  (Drop to my knees, gonna dig deep into my soul)
And the sun will burn the clouds away

On our judgment day
On our judgment day
On our judgment day