My sweet, beautiful Diana left this earth January 19th 2013.  There are no words to express the unfillable void that is left in the wake of her departure. 

I can only pray that her free spirit is joyfully soaring and continuing to bless those who are fortunate enough to come in contact with her.  I for one, am forever diminished as well as enriched for having the honor to share such a deep love and to grow together for 34 years.  During that time, she always made me feel like a better person;  Smarter, better looking, more talented, braver, kinder and in every other way possible.

Blessings to ALL, family and friends, who share my pain and sadness and may you only remember the immense joy she  brought into our lives.

Diana had a quote on a card sitting by her bed which reads; "Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible."

She NEVER lost hope.

It's been said that: "You don't HAVE a soul. You ARE a soul. You HAVE a body."   Well, Diana's body is gone but her soul remains.

Her loving husband,